LED luminaire with reserve power supply SES 2-65P

Number: СЭС 2-65Р
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Power, W
Light flux, lm
Power, W
Light flux, lm
Light flux is the light energy emitted by light source per unit of time in the visible range of spectrum. It is assessed by the light perception of the human’s eye. The unit of light flux is lumen (lm). LED luminaire is a finished product containing LEDs and optical part, therefore, for LED luminaires, light flux value shall be specified. Light flux of LED luminaires is measured at output of luminaires, i.e. all losses at electrical and optical part are considered.
Dimensions, L*W*H, mm
Weight, kg
Operating temperature, °С
-40 ... +50
Electric shock protection class
Degree of protection under IP
Supply voltage, V / frequency, Hz
DC 155-270, AC 90-305В/50-60Hz
Color rendering index (Ra)
Color rendering index (Ra) is a measure of correspondence of visual perception of color object illuminated by the lighting device at certain observation conditions. Objective feature here is value of color rendering index Ra, maximal possible value of which is 100. The bigger the index, the more accurate the color perception is.
≥ 75
Power factor
Power factor (cosφ) is the physical quantity which is the energy feature of the electrical field. Power factor characterizes AC electric load, especially degree of load linearity. It is equal to the ratio of the active power consumed by electric load to the full power.
≥ 0,97
Light flux fluctuation
Light flux fluctuation factor characterizes relative depth of illumination fluctuation in %, in the set point of the premise. Increase of illumination fluctuation factor decreases human’s visual ability, increases fatigability. Fluctuation factor shall be not more than 20% for visual works, in particular for premises equipped with computers, not more than 5%.
≤ 1 %
Class of light distribution
Direct (D)
Color temperature, К
Color temperature is a color value (warm, neutral (day), cool) of the space illuminated by the light source. Color temperature is approximately equal to the temperature of the hot body having the same color with the set light source. The unit of measuring is Kelvin degree (K).
2 700 - 7 000
Service life
3 years
Scattering angle, degree
65х65, 70х140, 90x90
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