About Company

RPC Radiy, Kirovograd

Public Company “Research and Production Corporation (RPC) “Radiy” was founded in 1954. During its history Company was among the national manufacture leaders and performed the important government orders successfully. The official web-site of Company: www.radiy.com.

Company was the biggest USSR manufacturer of television equipment, mobile television stations, equipment of cable television. In the end of the 70-s, Company manufactured equipment for television systems that provided television and radio broadcasting of the Olympic Games of 1980-s in Moscow.

In 1982 – 1989, Company participated in the State space exploration program and supplied communication and control equipment for space facilities. Also, Radiy manufactured equipment for research vessels and navy ships.

Company’s products were exported to Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Today, PC RPC “Radiy” is the recognized Ukrainian leading designer and supplier of up-to-date information and control systems for nuclear facilities and facilities with the increased technological danger.

Company has been in nuclear field since 1995. Within this time, PC RPC “Radiy” has taken up a stable station among suppliers of equipment for nuclear power plants and won Customers’ respect and trust.

Company’s products have been in operation in all NPPs of Ukraine, power units of the Eastern Europe, Latin and North America.

The modern design methods and innovative technologies for development allow Company to create unique equipment for I&C systems of NPP and compete with the leading global producers of these products.

Advanced strategy and effective use of the available Company’s resources is the basis for development of PC RPC “Radiy”.

First of all, human resources are important. PC RPC “Radiy” employs about more than 1100 highly qualified people. Company has 8 Design Bureaus where about 350 highly skilled engineers-developers, PhDs and Doctors of Engineering.

Company has implemented and uses Quality Management System certified by the international certification authority TUV Rheinland Inter Cert for compliance with requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Production facilities of PC RPC “Radiy” are equipped with up-to-date high production process and testing equipment assuring complete cycle of manufacturing, adjustment and testing of products with quality control at each production stage.

In 2011, within the State target scientific and technical program “Development and implementation of energy-saving LED luminaires and lighting systems on their base”, Company designed and now produces energy-saving LED luminaires for outside and inside lighting.

Our Company’s experience in radio electronics allows us to produce reliable and high quality electrical and technical products, including energy-saving LED luminaires and their components.

All luminaires have UkrSEPRO certificate and passed the full certification testing on meeting European requirements in electrical safety, electromagnetic capability and photo biological safety. Based on the positive results the certificates of conformance were issued which give PC RPC “Radiy” the right to mark lighting equipment with CE” sign.

LED luminaires of SES. Conformity Certificate LED luminaires of USS. Conformity Certificate LED luminaires of PSS. Conformity Certificate LED luminaires of SP. Conformity Certificate LED luminaires of SSV. Conformity Certificate LED luminaires of SSV Certificate

LED luminaires of SES. Conformity Certificate LED luminaires of USS. Conformity Certificate LED luminaires of PSS. Conformity Certificate LED luminaires of SP. Conformity Certificate LED luminaires of PPA. Conformity Certificate LED luminaires of SDS. Conformity Certificate

Use of LED lighting produced by PC RPC “Radiy” sufficiently decreases electricity costs by 4-5 times and increases service life of the luminaires till 15 years.

We are sure that using our luminaires you will worthily assess quality of illumination and benefits of implementation of innovative energy-saving technologies.

For more than 60 years RPC “Radiy” fulfills the most responsible orders. The products, management and staff were changing, but the approach to work is still unchanged. The multiply enriched production and intellectual potential allows Company to look to the future steadily and satisfy objectives.

For more information about Company’s activities please visit www.radiy.com.