Warranty and service

All luminaires of RPC “Radiy” are certified and provided with the official warranty of the production plant. The terms of warranty act within the Consumer Right Protection Law and are governed by the Ukrainian legislation.

The warranty period of LED luminaires is not less than 36 months since placed in service.

The manufacture technical certificate with the indicated type, manufacture number and warranty period of the luminaire proves the warranty liability.

After warranty period expiration the maintenance and repair of luminaires is performed by the specialized service company specialists based on the individual agreements.

The manufacture is released from the warranty obligations in case of:

  • the luminaire warranty period expiration;
  • mechanic, thermal, chemical damage of luminaire and its parts in the result of intended or reckless act of the consumer or any other person;
  • mismatch of luminaire number, manufacture date, luminaire labeling with the technical and/or warranty certificate;
  • absence of the warranty certificate, technical certificate;
  • evidence of luminaire independent deliding or repair;
  • absence or damage of the name plate on luminare;
  • breakdowns in the result of luminaire misconnection or in case of misusage;
  • luminaire usage with power supply specifications different from the one indicated in the technical certificate;
  • luminaire damages in the result of natural disaster.

RPC “Radiy” provides different types of Customer Support, including telephone hotline, Technical and Consultancy Support after the operating start.